Preapprove or prevent in real-time.

Precog-BA focuses on user behavior to provide a critical dimension to fraud prevention.

While fraud can cause a myriad of financial and legal issues for your business, alienating your customers will cost you much more in the long term. Your fraud prevention technology needs to have both a real-time understanding of what’s taking place at any given moment, as well as the ability to predict user intent.

Precog-BA is our behavioral analytics engine that focuses on the user activity occurring on your digital properties. It analyzes thousands of behavior and biometric signals to reveal the true context of user activity, from initial interaction to transactional events.

Some of the pertinent questions answered by Precog-BA include:

  • What types of services or products has the user expressed interest in?
  • How long have they expressed those interests?
  • Do their transactions fit their intent indicators?
  • Are their intent patterns normal or fitting those of a fraudster?
  • What are they searching for and buying; do they match up?
  • Are they exhibiting normal interaction and navigation patterns?
  • How much time and at what frequency are they on your site and/or app?
  • Is the user a human or a machine?
  • What are the user’s biometric patterns and do they stay consistent?

How it Works

Precog-BA captures and analyzes deep behavioral and biometric data, discovering intent and usage patterns in real-time. By linking this data to the device intelligence collected by Adaptive-ID, you now have a multidimensional view of the activity and device, expanding your ability to detect and prevent fraud.

Understand pre-transactional behavior with Precog-BA and bridge the gap in your existing fraud prevention

Features & Benefits

  • Understand intent with real-time visibility of the entire user journey in order to enable an accurate prediction of fraudulent versus valid activity before any transaction occurs.
  • Capitalize on our flexible, highly configurable technology and consultative approach to fully meet the needs of all business units, from Finance to IT to Legal to Marketing.
  • Monitor and capture all activity occurring for each user and session, including unsubmitted intent indicators.

  • Understand and differentiate legitimate customers from criminals with unprecedented accuracy, preserving customer experience.
  • Outsmart even the most tech savvy fraudsters with the deep behavior capturing and the opaque nature of Precognitive’s proprietary technology.
  • Utilize the flexible nature of our fully hosted SaaS technology that adapts to combat emerging fraud, eclipsing outdated and rigid solutions that are currently in-market.

Prevent unwanted predicaments with Precognitive’s real-time preemptive solutions.

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