Preserve customer experience using our Adaptive-ID.

Introducing our future-forward device intelligence technology developed to adapt to today’s rapidly changing device landscape.

Online fraud is a pain point for businesses costing them billions of dollars annually. With an estimated $415 billion spent in 2015, consumer online commerce continues to grow.

How can businesses prevent fraud while providing a safe and satisfying customer experience?

The Adaptive-ID to be a more sophisticated, flexible device intelligence solution developed by Precognitive. The Adaptive-ID is capable of adjusting to address the ever-evolving device technology landscape. The device stays ahead of emerging fraud techniques while remaining undetected by fraudsters.

Our goal is to stop fraud before it happens so your customers can easily complete transactions. By leveraging device intelligence in real-time, Adaptive-ID answers questions about known and new devices including:

New Devices:

  • Where is the device coming from?
  • How did it get here?
  • Is this the real IP address?
  • What’s the best way to track this model?
  • Is the device exhibiting evasive behavior?
  • Is the device signature linked to prior fraud?
  • Do we see malware signals?

Known Devices:

  • Are all the trackers still in place?
  • Has the hardware changed at all?
  • Does the data match what we expect?
  • Is it showing signs of malware?
  • Is the device linked to other devices?
  • Have others reported the device?


Adaptive-ID performs a real-time assessment of devices and dynamically adapts itself to optimize tracking capabilities based on the device type, connection, and prior interactions. Because Adaptive-ID tracks and aggregates rich device profile data, it can be utilized to identify risky versus reputable devices.


Adaptive-ID identifies and flags evasive users; examines malware signals, cloaked and high risk IPs, and compiles device history from across the internet. The technology’s discrete appearance stops even the most sophisticated fraudsters.

The device also supplies easy to use Device Risk scores for the current interaction and a Device Trust score generated over time as it monitors known devices.

Features & Benefits

  • Understand in real-time: Has this user been on my site before? Is this a known user on another device?
  • Prevent damage by bad actors while enabling a smooth journey for consumers.    
  • Utilize an easy-to-deploy tag-based solution that starts working immediately. No ramp up time necessary!
  • Enjoy flexibility: Use Adaptive-ID with our entire platform, as a standalone, or with your existing solution.
  • Gain access to a global device network that allows visibility across the web.

  • Benefit from a technology solution that works with all device types, adjusting its techniques to track evasive users with more discrete, harder to identify methods.
  • Compile rich device profile and history data that provides a true understanding of the device and activity, delivering deeper insights than traditional solutions that use outdated techniques.
  • Customize the technology to your level of comfort as well as to industry sector privacy and compliance requirements.
  • Proactively confront vulnerabilities that are inherent in emerging technology, devices, and IoT with our non-invasive, ever-evolving solutions.


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